Best Consultancy in Chitwan – Australia, Canada, USA, UK

Are you looking for the best consultancy in Chitwan to study abroad? Consultancies help you in choosing the right course at the right university or college. Also, they help you to start the visa application and test preparations.

Best Consultancy in Chitwan

1. AECC Nepal

The AECC Nepal is the best consultancy in Chitwan. It is located at Lions Chowk, Chitwan. The AECC Global staff has extensive experience in international tertiary education, having worked as independent representatives for over 500 globally recognized schools and institutions.

AECC Nepal is the best consultancy in Chitwan

AECC Nepal takes great satisfaction in its international connections and local skills. They ensure that students have a wide range of options for their academic journey abroad by giving a comprehensive list of options backed up by substantial knowledge of each institution they represent.

2. Kangaroo Education Foundation

The Kangaroo Education Foundation is located at CG Landmark in Chitwan. The Kangaroo Education Foundation (KEF), founded in 2007, has over 15 years of experience in educational consulting, recruitment, and enrollment at foreign institutions and universities. These individuals are representatives from over a hundred educational institutions around the world, including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Kangaroo Education Foundation Logo

KEF is made up of a dedicated group of experts with experiences in management, education, training, and consulting. They are all deeply committed to providing informed services and excellent results. The Kangaroo Education Foundation selects educational counselors based on their professional credentials.

3. Global Reach

Global Reach is located in Shahid Chowk, Chitwan. They represent over 500 universities globally, and as a result of our efforts, more than 50,000 students have enrolled in prestigious international universities throughout the world.

Global Reach is one of the top education consultancy in Chitwan

Their counselors are their key source of assistance in creating a strong and close relationship with our children. Their counselors are all highly experienced and qualified professionals who assist students in selecting the finest course of study at the university of their choice, allowing them to make educated decisions.

4. Nepal International Education Consultancy

Nepal International Education Consultancy is located in Lions Chowk, Chitwan. Their purpose is to give students all the help they need to succeed in school and in their careers by offering study abroad opportunities and top-notch test preparation.

Nepal International Education Consultancy Logo

Their vision is to improve every person who chooses to use their services and to make a positive impact on society as a whole by setting the highest standards in all that we do.

5. Alfa Beta Consultancy

Alfa Beta is one of the leading education consultancies in Chitwan to study abroad. It is located in Bharatpur Height, Chitwan. Alfa Beta is a reputable education consultant in Pokhara, having built a strong reputation over more than 30 years. They have guided students in study abroad programs for 20 years and assisted with test preparation for 32 years.

Alfa Beta Logo

Their dedication to providing a welcoming and supportive environment, as well as cutting-edge resources for preparation for the English Proficiency Test and studying abroad, makes them the top choice for prospective students.

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Summary: Top Consultancy in Chitwan

S.NConsultancies ListLocation
1AECC NepalLions Chowk, Chitwan
2Kangaroo Education FoundationCG Landmark, Chitwan
3Global ReachShahid Chowk, Chitwan
4Nepal International Educational ConsultancyLions Chowk, Chitwan
5Alfa BetaBharatpur Height, Chitwan

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